Welcome to the Future of Europe E-Debate Competition!

The topic for the final debate is:

Opposition parties should participate in civil society protests each time they have common goals.

Each debate match will be a separate thread and we ask all teams to post their speeches in the appropriate thread.

The 1st debater of the affirmative team has 24 hours to post the 1st speech of the debate. Even if the speech is posted before the 24 hours expire, the 1st negative speakers’ 24 hours of preparation time will begin when the initial time expires.

Before posting please consult Guidelines and the Online Debate Guide.

Previous topics:

Round 3: The European Commission should take into account civil society protests when deciding the use of Article 7.

Round 2: Civil disobedience and actions are justified when the justice system and rule of law are undermined.

Round 1: The President of the European Council should be elected by EU citizens.