Europe to Parliamentary Elections: Perspectives, Risks, Russian Propaganda (March 27th 2019, Sofia)

On March 27th 2019, RiskMonitor Foundation, with the support of the Bulgarian New University, organized the conference ‘Europe to Parliamentary Elections: Perspectives, Risks, Russian Propaganda’, which aimed at investigating the future of Europe, mainly from the perspective of its challenges. The event is part of the project A new narrative for Europe: Bringing more union into the European Union – the cost of non-EU (BRING), in the context of the Europe for Citizens Programme.

The event, which was structured on three separate panels, was attended by more than 100 participants who discussed not only Euroscepticism and the effects of disinformation in the European Union, but also Europe at global level and the risks that it is prone to encounter.

As such, the following main themes were brought into discussion at the level of the panels:

• Prospects and risks for the EU;

• Euroscepticism: Information and disinformation in the European Union;

• Europe of nation-states in global context. 

The debates rejoiced the presence of interested students and skillful speakers and representatives of partner organizations (i.e. European Solidarity Corps, RiskMonitor, Alpha Research). The lecturers successfully intrigued the guests with their thought-provoking conclusions on the basis of their research and expertise, whilst the moderators led the thematic panels and discussion sections with professionalism.