E-debate competition

Apart from the story-telling activity, the project also encompasses a European online debate competition, with 16 teams of young people from all four countries, focusing on key EU topics (for instance: the future of the EU, Euroscepticism and the 2019 elections).

The debate competition will follow a classic Karl Popper approach with teams of two supporting/not supporting one topic. The teams will have 24 hours to debate on a given topic, the responses will be judged by the consortium and the winning team will advance in the next round. The participants will be invited to the national conferences and the large cross-country event, including as key speakers.

Winners of the competition will receive the chance to be special guests in Bucharest for the final conference of the project and present their ideas in a special panel dedicated to the democratic participation of citizens in EU, along with experts from other European countries.

Our online debate will start on Monday, 13th of May, 2019.  Please check the Guidelines before debating.  

For more information on this activity, please follow regularly the organizers’ websites.

If you would like to discover more such debates, please access youthvote2019.eu.